SPORT MASSAGE services are guaranteed to increase both your performance and enjoyment of your sport.

Treat Injuries – massage restores blood flow and mobility to injured muscle tissue, supporting and speeding healing.
Prevent injuries – massage decreases tightness and increases flexibility, decreasing the likelihood of injury.
Improve Flexibility & Reduce Tightness – Regular massage helps you to work out the inevitable knots and tightness that result from training and exercise, helping you to retain and increase flexibility and performance over the long term
Decrease Pain – Whether it is running mileage that causes you IT band aches and hip flexor pains, or shoulder and back pain from Dragon Boat racing, tennis, or hanging out on the climbing wall, our years of experience allow us to target the areas your body needs to have worked on to ease your pain both immediately and over time.
Improve Sleep – Sport-related muscle tension, back pain, and leg cramps cause pain that interrupt sleep, impeding both performance and recovery. Regular massage after training or competition keeps muscles relaxed, allowing your body to get the sleep it needs to fully benefit from your training.
Increase Performance – Massage increases flexibility, reduces pain, improves bloodflow to muscles, and aids recovery

– all of which contribute to improved athletic performance and enhanced overall health.