Event Massage

Massage & Wellness: Our Experience is the Difference

Massage Therapy Wellness Programs support the best proactive approach to health and athletic performance. Lower your risk of injuries at work and at play.
Massage Therapy Clinic in Etobicoke: provides cost effective ways for companies to promote health, reduce stress, and lower the risk of workplace injuries. Is your workplace suffering from fatigue, lack of motivation, and moderate to high turnover rates? Today in this competitive corporate workplace, such a problem is common and destructive. You need a way to keep employees refreshed, increase loyalty and return your team to its full productive capability.

Staff & Owners are happy

The Massage Therapy Clinic is popular for rejuvenating current staff and attracting and recruiting the best in your business.
Wellness massages can be done on-site through a number of different formats, and perfect for;

• Wellness Incentives
• Health and Wellness Fairs
• Health Seminars
• Head Massage
• Chair Massage
• Hand Massage
• Shiatsu Massage
• Trigger Point Massage
• Table Massage
• And more